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To guide you in choosing your size, we provide you with the option: Which is the right size for me? A suggestion system that will recommend the most suitable one based on the information you provide. If this option is not available for the item you are interested in, you can consult our size guide.



At Damico you can find a wide range of garments made with natural, artificial and synthetic materials. Both on and on the garment you will find detailed information on the composition of each article.

Product care tips

On our website, at the COMPOSITION AND MAINTENANCE option of each item and on the labels of our garments, you will find information for the optimal care of your garments.

Here are some extra tips depending on the material used:

  • Cotton

    The garments made with this fiber, thanks to its hygroscopicity and morphology, offer natural comfort and are pleasant to the touch, a feature that makes them suitable for direct contact with the skin. Cotton can be washed using conventional methods, provided that the coloring and finish allow it, and must therefore be treated according to the symbols and indications given on the label

  • Tencel
    It is an artificial fiber of cellulosic origin. It offers an exceptional combination of quality: soft, strong, fresh, absorbent and not subject to pilling. It does not wrinkle easily, nor shrinks and can be ironed without problems.

  • Wool
    Being natural fiber, it has a high degree of moisture absorption, which makes it flexible, and excellent insulation and protection against the cold. The garments made of wool do not crease easily, they are soft to the touch, warm and are ideal for winter and autumn garments. In the case of pilling, lint can be easily removed. It should be borne in mind that woolen items shrink by felting and therefore must be washed by hand, at low temperatures or dry, always following the washing instructions on our label.

  • Polyester
    It is a very resistant and versatile synthetic fiber, which absorbs little humidity and which can accumulate static electricity. Easy to handle, it does not shrink when washed, does not crease and dries quickly, but fluff can form. If this happens, you can eliminate them by cutting the fibers.

  • Linen
    This natural fiber offers a comfortable feeling of freshness, it is resistant, not very elastic and very absorbent, which is why it is common to see it in our summer clothes. We usually recommend washing it by hand because it tends to shrink and crease a lot.

  • Silk
    Natural fiber with a very characteristic feel and shine. Good moisture absorption. It cannot be washed at high temperatures or centrifuged, therefore it is not advisable to tumble dry it. We usually recommend dry cleaning and ironing it always by placing a cloth over it.

  • Quilts and padded jackets
    Both natural feather and synthetic fiber garments can be machine washed. We recommend that you turn the garment upside down and close the zips and velcro. The drying phase is very important so that the feathers do not pile up. You can use the dryer.

  • Leather and suede
    If cleaning is superficial, we recommend using a damp cloth. If deep cleaning is required, it is recommended to have it performed by a specialist in these materials.

  • Avoid discoloration
    Due to the dyeing processes applied, some of our garments may have a tendency to fade more than others. To warn you in advance, WARNING labels are present on these items.

  • Garments with decorative details
    We advise you to remove the detachable details of the garment before washing it, in cases where this is possible.

  • Shoes and bags
    The basic advice for the proper care of your shoes and your bags is to always keep them clean in a ventilated space and, if possible, with some element that helps them maintain their shape. If the item is made of leather, do not immerse it in water to clean it and, if there are many stains, contact a specialist.



At Damico we take care to guarantee the highest quality of our items and we undertake to report those which for some reason had to be withdrawn from the sale.

No item is currently being collected. For more information on previously withdrawn items, contact our Customer Service.


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